In light of the disruption caused by 新型冠状病毒肺炎, 欧宝体育官网 采用了 test-optional政策 (Accuplacer/SAT/ACT) for the 2021-2022 as well as 2022-2023 academic years.
点击这里 安排考试的日期.
以确保您在欧宝体育官网的学业成功, advisors will use multiple measures to make placement recommendations for the chosen program of study. These multiple measures include transcript evaluations, 大学的经历, 可用考试分数, 你的兴趣和学习目标, 以及推荐信,如果包括在内. Additional placement assessments may be required prior to course registration.
Alternative pre-entrance exams are required for the Medical Radiography program (HESI exam). Program-specific admission requirements can be found at

What does “multiple measures” mean for my enrollment?

Based on the results of these multiple measures assessments, you may be required to successfully complete math and/or English courses that are 这是你们课程的一部分. 结果是, you may be required to extend the length of your program to better prepare for program-specific coursework. This means that enrollment in program-specific/technology courses may be delayed by as much as one year. If it is recommended that you take remedial courses, there may be things that you can do prior to your first semester.  你越早联系顾问, the sooner they can assist you with remediation options; some of which could reduce or eliminate the need to take additional coursework or extend the length of your program; thus saving you valuable time and money. 进一步, recommendations for course placement vary depending on your program of study and the math requirements of the curriculum. If you change your program of study, course placement may change as well. Questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the 招生 Office,


If the 招生 Office has requested that you take the Accuplacer exam is it because the committee may feel that they do 不 have enough information to accurately place you in courses.

欧宝体育官网 is currently administering Accuplacer exams in-person on campus (masks and social distancing protocols apply) OR remotely using video-conferencing technology. 请 点击这里 安排考试的日期. (Note the location as some dates are in-person and some are virtual.)


Before the exam, make sure to submit any SAT or ACT scores 如果你已经吃过了 在过去的三年里. 另外, make sure the 招生 Office is aware of any AP or CLEP exams you may have passed, as well as any concurrent enrollment courses (college courses) you may have taken while in high school.

You should also prepare for the test by using the following FREE resources:



You will receive an email with a Zoom link and Accuplacer test voucher. On the day of your exam please join the Zoom meeting at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Be sure you have the recommended browser type and versions, 操作系统, 工作麦克风和电脑摄像头, and have downloaded the current version of Zoom.



PC: Internet 探索r 11+
Microsoft Edge 40+ / EdgeHTML 15+
火狐65 +
Safari 11 +


Windows 10
Mac OS X v10.7
adobeacrobatreader 6.0+


adobeacrobatreader 6.0+


Prior to the date of your in-person test session:

您将收到一封确认邮件. 除非另有说明, Accuplacer exams are conducted in Room 310 on the third floor of Katahdin Hall.

On the day of your exam, please be sure you have a valid photo ID available.

招生 requests you give a 24 hour 不ice if you need to reschedule.


Upon completion of the exam, your proctor will discuss what your test scores mean. During open registration, you and an advisor can create an educational pathway together. If you take the exam outside of the open registration period, you are still advised to discuss your test scores with an academic advisor in order to discuss course scheduling options as well as options for remediation prior to the beginning of the semester in which you plan to enroll.


If you have a documented disability that requires accommodations, and you are completing your placement assessment at 欧宝体育官网, you must fill out an Accommodation Request Form 在你的安置评估日期之前 session in order for us to make appropriate accommodations in time.

点击这里 to go to the 可及性服务 page for more information and to complete the online fillable form to request accommodations. There is no need to request accommodations for extended time since the Accuplacer is 定时测试.